Vizslas of Mexico - Vizslas de México

Vizslas of Mexico

About Us

We have sought to ensure that the lines, mostly Hungarian, of the kennel come from kennels with recognition, both in exhibition and in work, always guaranteeing the health of their dogs.

The philosophy of the kennel is that the Vizsla de Mexico retains its originality and historical value, and never loses its worth in the field.

Nuestro Objetivo

Our main objective is to maintain healthy and aesthetic lines, but always emphasize work and performance in the field.

At Vizslas de México we care about responsible breeding.

El Vizsla

The Vizsla is a breed that has not been indiscriminately crossed, a situation that makes it a very healthy and balanced dog. It does not require special care, except for periodic visits to the veterinarian for booster vaccinations and a general check-up.

The ideal pet