Vizslas in falconry - Vizslas de México

Vizslas in falconry

Through the last decade, we have had the pleasure of hunting with this wonderful pointer and with different varieties of raptors, it has always been an excellent hunting companion and complement to this wonderful art.

Falconry is the art of training birds of prey for hunting purposes, it is said that the Vizsla was originally bred as a falconry dog and in our experience has always been an exceptional partner.

All falconry dogs require good training and prior contact with birds, but Vizsla´s gentle and balanced temperament makes this match an easy event.

The versatility of this pointer allows him to hunt with various birds of prey in different hunting situations, whether pointing birds, rabbits, jackrabbits or doing swamp-work, makes them complete dogs not only for a falconer, but also for those who enjoy them as gundogs because they are also great retrievers.

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